Move! Is no longer active as an independent consulting business. However we will make all info, tools, ebooks, articles etc..available soon. We will restructure our websites to that effect, in the coming months.  Website and email addresses remain unchanged.

Thanks for your understanding. Clement

Did You KnowTake a quick look at this video and you will realize how your organization will be continuously challenged by a very fast changing, unpredictable, complex and increasingly globalized business environment. Most organizations were set up for very different circumstances, and their organizational structure, culture and practices do not fit the bill anymore. Organizations need to become really Knowledge Intensive, Learning Organizations and creative innovators. Highly skilled professionals have other expectations and aspirations about their professional lives in organizations.

Success in the past, is probably more a handicap than a springboard to future success and sustainable development.

Growth, profit, performance, work, career, employee engagement, stakeholder relationships, leadership, ... all need to be 'redefined' in that VUCA environment.

Move! helps you reinvent and redefine your organization from these three KEY QUESTIONS :

How to  develop your organization further in a sustainable way  in that context of rapid and unpredictable technological, ecological and societal changes :

  • What are the VUCA world opportunities and challenges for our organization ?
  • What is our common ambition & direction, what makes us as professionals thrive, contribute and have that sense of belonging ?
  • What is the added value we want to create for our stakeholders ? What does 'social responsibility' looks like for us ?
  • How do we involve all our professionals in the strategic process and rethinking what and how we do things ?
  • How do we create meaningful work, careers and relationships for our professionals ?


How to organize ourselves  to perform & get things done, work together,  solve problems and develop new projects in order to turn our ambition in reality :

  • How to help professionals work together across expertise, roles, levels, sites, possibly in virtual teams, ... ?
  • How can HR practices trigger the behaviors that make us successful ?
  • How do we invite people to 'take leadership and initiative and be an autonomous contributor ?
  • How do we encourage professional dialogue in networks ?
  • How do we develop trust in our organization, where people don't feel boxed-in by rules, processes and hiërarchy ?


How to develop a  Learning Culture  that enables us to reïnvent ourselves and create new answers for old and new challenges :

  • How do we make sure we learn permanently from our day to day work in the organization ?
  • How do we build a culture where we are capable of challenging ourselves and each other ?
  • How to create workplaces in which people learn and learn how to learn ?
  • How do we deal with mistakes or failure ?
  • How do we help 'new entering professionals' to move that organization forward through their innovative and out of the box thinking ?


Move! partners with you to co-create that shared ambition, focusses on improving the contribution, collaboration and participation of all professionals as 'co-creators' of that future proof and sustainable organization.  MOVE people and organizations in every sense of the word : involved, passionate, in dialogue and connection, working and learning with others... because we believe that that's the road to sustainable business results.

In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists. (E. Hoffer)


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