Reinvent ?

Reinvent your organization doesn't mean beginning all over from scratch. To the contrary, it means to look at where you are today, where your key 'strengths' are, recognize the expertise of your professionals, reach out to other stakeholders and use their energy to co-create a clear idea of how you could as organization create value and sustainably develop the organization further. Profit as goal in and of itself, doesn't mobilize, a common purpose does and creates the sense of belonging, ownership and ethic of contribution you need to cope with the VUCA challenges, to create a truly collaborative and ethical performance culture and to learn & innovate.

We share with you a few handles based on our experience in organizations :

  • Develop an Environmental Scan, to identify the legal, societal, political, ecological, technological and economical trends and challenges and how they will potentially affect your activities
  • Restructure the organization and the project allocation practice in order to provide younger engineers more development opportunities, use senior engineers to support that development and focus on developing the expertise area's for the future (in a fast changing field)
  • Define a dynamic 'image' of who you are as an organization (click for more info)
  • Re-think the Project Management Process to ensure strategic link with our ambition and full engagement of all stakeholders from the start
  • Develop Performance Management Practices to support collaboration, contribution & innovation i.s.o. competition and compliance :
    • From 'reaching my objectives' to 'contributing to our ambition'
    • From individual focus to team
    • From 'evaluation' towards 'development
    • From profit, KPI's, short term indicators to value, learning, innovation, risk taking, engagement indicators
  • Team Development
  • Re-think Onboarding from 'blending in' to 'sticking out'
  • Set up professional networks to share expertise and set up new innovative projects (based on Communities of Practice)
  • Design experiential learning tracks to reflect on what happens 'in the field' and share experience


Since co-creation and inclusion of all professionals and stakeholders is imperative to create a sense of belonging and an ethic of contribution to the common purpose and ambition, we intervene in such a way that the ownership for the new ideas, the new plans and projects stay fully with the people in the organization and we avoid to push 'our ideas and solutions'.

In the co-creative effort to re-invent organizations we take on several roles :

  • Consultant & Process Designer
  • Facilitate the dialogue of professionals and stakeholders in networks, focus groups, workshops, etc..
  • (Team) Coach & Motivator
  • Designer of customized tools and methodology (ex : for performance management, coaching materials, etc...)
  • Design, Develop and Deliver Learning tracks and training
  • Expert advisor in the fields of OD, Learning, HRM & Change
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