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We develop exclusively customized approaches geared to your organizational challenges and focusing on sustainable business results and the further development of your organization.  We align in our interventions business strategy with how the organization works and connect people to maximize their contribution to a shared purpose.  We help people connect around a shared purpose for the organization, facilitate collaboration and optimize people's contribution to the sustainable performance of their organization.  Our way of working is focusing on dialogue, connection, involvement and co-creation in order to create flexible, agile and learning organizations.  More about that you can find on our new Move! website 'Learning Organization'.

Our interventions are situated in four practice areas :Movepracticemodel

 Strategic Leadership Development  is about creating a shared vision and strategy for the business and the organization through solid environmental and internal analysis, identifying strategic challenges and creating an innovative and sustainable approach to your business.  It's also about creating alignment and focus, building shared and distributed leadership, enabling all stakeholders to contribute their energy, initiative, expertise and experience to make 'the strategy' happen.

 Shaping your Organization  is about developing an effective organizational culture, organizational structures, management practices, workplace design, collaborative processes in teams and projects, etc... in order to turn the strategy into practice and make it into a successful endeavor.

 Strategic HRM Practices  is about supporting the organization effectively with adapted Human Resources Policies and Practices that facilitate innovation, change and performance.

 Learning & Change  is about building effective processes that enable individuals, groups and the organization as a whole to develop the mindset and competencies for the future, to unleash their energy and imagination and to learn from and with each other.

A few good reasons for you to work with us in creating a sustainable future for your organization :

  • To adapt your strategy, mission and vision to cope with new challenges and develop ownership of all stakeholders around that strategy
  • To help align functional structures in an organization so they are working together for a common purpose
  • To manage conflict that exists among individuals, groups, functions, sites, and turn it around into constructive diversity and innovation
  • To put in place processes that will help improve the ongoing operations of the organization on a continuous basis
  • To create a collaborative environment that helps the organization be more effective and efficient
  • To create a truly learning organization, where knowledge is shared, decisions are taken collaboratively, and new recipes are created for old and new problems and challenges.

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