Peer-to-Peer & Sharing Economy

Is there another way to organizing in our Economy ?

Due to changing economical, societal and ecological challenges we ask ourselves the question whether other type of economical organizing are feasible.  Experiments with associative organizations and of course the rise of organizations as Uber and AirB&B are 'disrupting' our thinking about the classical capitalistic model. 
On the other hand you could also argue that a lot of the so called 'Peer to Peer' business is nothing else that international super concerns 'in disguise' making billions and turning 'members' into modern slaves... ?

The thinking about distributed leadership in classic organizations is recently 'rivaled' or at least complemented by thinking about collababorative and peer-to-peer economy and organizations.

It's difficult to evaluate the importance of that collaborative economy as part of the overall economy, but this adjacent picture at least gives us some idea.

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It is a social dynamic between computers and between people, signalling the birth of a new social order: peer-to-peer (P2P).  It builds on the idea that peer-to-peer infrastructures are gradually becoming the general conditions of work, economy, and society, considering peer production as a social advancement within capitalism but with various post-capitalistic aspects in need of protection, enforcement, stimulation and connection with progressive social movements. Using a four-scenario approach, the authors seek to simplify possible outcomes and to explore relevant trajectories of the current techno-economic paradigm within and beyond capitalism.

The P2P Foundation is a knowledge commons and a global community of researchers and advocates that monitors the emergence of peer to peer dynamics in society, i.e. through peer production, governance, and property models that are characterized by open access, partipatory process of governance, and property formats that guarantee universal access.

600px-Bauwens-matrixIn these articles a few of those ideas are introduced :



In these videos you hear Michel Bauwens explain how he sees evolving a number of Peer to Peer oraganizations back into forms of Capitalism, away from the original idea of the Sharing Economy. 

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