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This is a selection of books that inspires our work at Move!  Check out the links for each of the books offering you related materials (excerpt of the book, the e-book, a related article, etc...).                                                                     

Doe-het-zelf Leiders

Met een aantal casestudies over hoe organisaties gespreid leiderschap en een anderen niet hiërarchisch samenwerkingsmodel proberen te creëren.

An Everyone Culture. Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

Most leading organizations invest in growing some of their people, via supports outside the flow of the normal workday—e.g., executive coaching, high-potential programs, mentoring, and leadership development. A new breed of company, however, is committed to development for all, creating immersive cultures for continuous individual growth as the necessary means of achieving superior business results.

Productive Workplaces

A one-of-a-kind review of the integration of economics, technology, and people. It covers such topics as: the work on self as integral to organizational change; the revision of Lewinian concepts for a new era; and the history behind “getting everybody improving whole systems” as a response to fast change and increasing diversity (not the same as using any particular method).

See Change. Making the transition to a Sustainable Enterprise Economy.

The return to business-as-usual after the economic earthquake that rocked financial markets, wrecked banks and brought to light the grotesque distortions of casino capitalism on people and planet must be resisted. A new form of capitalism is both necessary and possible as some forward-thinking political, business and civil society leaders have now recognised.

Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace

Work is one of the fundamental experiences of human life. Yet very few of us are lucky enough to find truly fulfilling jobs. In recent decades, as businesses have come to understand the crucial link between happiness and productivity, researchers have focused increasingly on factors such as the nature of the work itself, how well it is suited to the worker, and the ways in which employees can derive meaning and purpose from their work.

Terms of Engagement

Building engagement is crucial for every organization. But the traditional top-down coercive change management paradigm--in which leaders "light a fire" under employees--actually discourages engagement. Richard Axelrod offers a better way. After debunking six common change management myths, he offers a proven, practical strategy for getting everyone--not just select committees or working groups--enthusiastically committed to organizational transformation.

Deschooling Society

The analysis of schooling systems by Illich in the seventies resembles a lot to the analysis we make today of our organizations and even the remedies... autonomy, dialogue, ... were already in the air.


Taleb introduces the book as follows: "Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty. Yet, in spite of the ubiquity of the phenomenon, there is no word for the exact opposite of fragile. Let us call it antifragile. Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better"

Ontmanagen voor Managers

De rol van de manager ligt onder vuur. We zien allerlei nieuwe, bevlogen en wendbare organisatievormen met minder management ontstaan. Wat betekent dat voor jou, de manager? Aan de hand van zijn eigen persoonlijke ervaringen en ontdekkingstocht van manager naar ontmanager geeft Thom Verheggen je nieuwe inzichten in je eigen rol.

Groot Innovatie Modellenboek

In een markt die volop in beweging is, is innovatie op alle fronten geboden: producten en diensten, organisatie en processen, talenten van medewerkers, samenwerking in de keten, nieuw leiderschap en co-creatie. In de veelheid aan literatuur over innovatie komen evenzovele benaderingen aan bod en alle hebben zeggingskracht op hun terrein. In dit Groot Innovatie Modellenboek kiezen we voor een brede definitie en vatten we innovatie op als verlengstuk van ondernemerschap

Reinventing Organizations

Could we invent a more powerful, more soulful, more meaningful way to work together, if only we change our belief system? In many ways, this is a strange and almost ungrateful question to ask. For thousands and thousands of years, people have lived on the brink of famine and in fear of plagues, always at the mercy of a drought or a simple flu. Then suddenly, almost out of nowhere, modernity has brought us unprecedented wealth and life expectancy in the last two centuries. And all this extraordinary progress has come not from individuals acting alone, but from people collaborating in organizations. (exerpt intro of book)

Dialogic Organization Development. The Theory and Practice of Tran

In the last 30 years, the post-modern orientation in the social sciences, and the discoveries in non-linear and complexity natural sciences, have been influential in altering ideas about change and change practices. These ideas and change practices have led to a variety of methods (see Table 31.1) that deviate from key tenets of the diagnostic forms of organization development (OD) created during the 1960s-1970s.

Clear Leadership

In the 90’s I became fascinated with why that happens – why are we unable to sustain collaborative organizations? Almost all the leaders I meet in the public and private sectors want to create collaborative work systems. Almost all the professionals, managers and employees I meet want to work in collaborative work systems. It’s not a motivation problem. I’ve come to believe that the problem is that we are using outmoded definitions of leadership, teamwork and people skills.

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