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What we do ?

We develop exclusively customized interventions geared to your organizational challenges.whatwedo3

We focus on triggering and developing culture, practices and behavior that enable sustainable performance and development in a rapidly changing and ambiguous business context, where innovation, change and learning are key to survival, succes and societal contribution and responsibility.

That includes organization wide interventions as well as facilitation, advice, coaching and learning interventions for networks, teams and individuals in the organization.

We help people connect around a shared purpose for the organization, facilitate collaboration and optimize people's contribution to the sustainable performance of their organization. Our interventions aim at facilitating dialogue, connection, involvement and co-creation among all stakeholders to create a flexible, agile and learning organization.

Our interventions focus on these five organizational challenges :

whatwedo3a Strategic Leadership Development  is about creating a shared vision and strategy for the business and the organization through solid environmental and internal analysis, identifying strategic challenges and creating an innovative and sustainable approach to your business.  It's also about creating alignment and focus, building shared and distributed leadership, enabling all stakeholders to contribute their energy, initiative, expertise and experience to make 'the strategy' happen.  It is also about developing 'sensibility' for societal, technological, ecological, and demographic challenges and use them to permanently change the strategic approach.

whatwedo3b Shaping your Organization  is about making choices in how you organize the collaboration within the organization.  It is about developing an effective organizational culture, organizational structures, management practices, workplace design, collaborative processes in teams and projects, etc... in order to turn the strategy into practice and make it into a successful endeavor.  It is about building in 'triggers' for learning, initiative, risktaking, transversal collaboration and dialogue in the organization.

whatwedo3c Strategic HRM Practices  is about supporting the organization effectively with adapted Human Resources Policies and Practices that facilitate innovation, change and performance.  Traditionally a lot of the HR processes were aiming at controlling and rewarding compliance.  Are people doing what 'I' (the boss, the organization) tell them to do.  But the consequence of that is that people stop thinking for themselves, stop taking risks and avoid mistakes... and that is exactly want an organization today needs if they want to reinvent themselves.  So strategic HR, is HR that looks at the impact of their policies and practices on 'behavior' at an individual, team and organization level.  What does a professional in an organization need to really contribute at innovating the organization and develop the individual and collective expertise ?  That's the key question we try to answer with our customer organizations.

whatwedo3d Learning & Change  is about building effective processes that enable individuals, groups and the organization as a whole to develop the mindset and competencies for the future, to unleash their energy and imagination and to learn from and with each other.  It is about formal development, but maybe even more about triggering experiential and relational learning.  How can we collaborate in such away that we develop each other?  It's about creating the possibilities for people to test things out, figure out how it could work, get others invoved to solve the problem, etc..

whatwedo3e Create Meaningful Work, Jobs & Careers  is a condition in order for Organizations to thrive.  Meaningful means two things : Are professionals in a position, role, where they can really contribute to the future of the organization.  That involves autonomy, involvement in the strategic process, easy ways to collaborate with other professionals, not 'barriers' that prevent professionals of fully using their passion, energy, experience and expertise for the organization.  Meaningful means also an environment in which professionals can thrive, develop, feel recognized, see perspective to develop, and feel useful and co-owner of the organization.  A place where they can learn, be pushed out of their comfort zone, develop further and become an even better professional.  Move! helps organizations 'shaping' their work and helps individuals with 'crafting' their jobs and crafting their individual careers to pursue their talents and passion.

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