Meaningful Work

whatwedo3e Create Meaningful Work, Jobs & Careers  is a condition in order for Organizations to thrive.  Meaningful means two things : Are professionals in a position, role, where they can really contribute to the future of the organization.  That involves autonomy, involvement in the strategic process, easy ways to collaborate with other professionals, not 'barriers' that prevent professionals of fully using their passion, energy, experience and expertise for the organization.  Meaningful means also an environment in which professionals can thrive, develop, feel recognized, see perspective to develop, and feel useful and co-owner of the organization.  A place where they can learn, be pushed out of their comfort zone, develop further and become an even better professional.  Move! helps organizations 'shaping' their work and helps individuals with 'crafting' their jobs and crafting their individual careers to pursue their talents and passion.

Research shows a large portion of workers AND managers in organizations feel disengaged.  And that is a problem for those professionals because burn-out and bore-out are waiting just around the corner, and it is a problem for the organization, their customers, their colleagues and other stakeholders because they loose out on the energy, passion, experience and expertise the organization so badly needs in order 'to reinvent itself for the future'.  What a shame.

Reasons are plenty, but just a few to show what we can work on :

  • professionals experience a lack of autonomy and volition in their job, they feel bound by decisions and orders and feel they could not contribute as a 'professional' to the discussion
  • they are confined in a 'job' or a 'role' that doesn't challege them anymore and feel 'underused'
  • they feel too much pressure on 'results' that are often arbitrarily demanded from them
  • they don't feel part of the club, in a culture that is more internally competitive than collaborative
  • they feel stuck, and don't see a perspective for new experiences
  • they do not feel 'trusted' and confined in a culture of rules, prescribed practices and control mechanisms
  • they don't learn anymore

 Both, the organization collectively as much as an individual professional have a chance and a responsibility to do something about it.

As organization you can think about some of these things :

  • Enhance internal mobility and abolish a number of formal 'hurdles' to provide people with new experiences.
  • Create professional networks where people bring their experience and expertise together to start initiatives and solve problems (i.s.o. having board meeting and then come with decisions that are not transparent for people and where they feel left out.
  • Enable effective work together in self managing teams, forget about 'formal jobs' and let people join in whenever they feel they can contribute
  • Get rid of all 'controle mechanisms' that are only there because you don't trust people... If you treat people as 'idiots' they will behave as 'idiots'

As individual professional you can :

  • Start to 'craft' your own job : what are you doing, is that useful, how are you doing it, for whom, with what kind of added value, could you do other things you like or are talented in, what stops you of doing it …
  • You could start talking with your internal 'customers'... what does really work for them, could you do it ?
  • Could you with your expertise and experience take on the role of mentor or coach for 'junior colleagues' ?
  • What makes you thick, what gives you energy, what sucks energy away from you, …
  • Would you consider a 'career move'... another job, another activity, another organization, …

You can take the initiative to 'break out' professional habits and look for opportunities to contribute more, use and develop their talent, support work-live balance and generate happiness and satisfaction with their professional situation. Move! helps you with job & career coaching.  We work together with OrientaEuro, a professional network of coaches.

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