Shaping the Organization

whatwedo3b Shaping your Organization  is about making choices in how you organize the collaboration within the organization.  It is about developing an effective organizational culture, organizational structures, management practices, workplace design, collaborative processes in teams and projects, etc... in order to turn the strategy into practice and make it into a successful endeavor.  It is about building in 'triggers' for learning, initiative, risktaking, transversal collaboration and dialogue in the organization.

At the end, it's not about Strategy, but about execution and results.  And execution depends very much on what people do, how they work and communicate with each other, how they learn from each other, whether they are capable of challenging each other, take initiative, give feedback etc...

And that's where SHAPING the ORGANIZATION comes in.  It's through the choices you make in your organizational architecture that you create leverage for the right behaviors and for a successful implementation of your strategy.

Our focus is on : "Shaping your organization in order to trigger successful behaviors and sustainable performance?"  It's about carefully crafting & moulding the organizational structure, culture, management practices, work places, job content, processes, mechanisms for transversal collaboration and communication, team work, project work, etc... in such a way they reïnforce expected and successful behavior.

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