SHRM Practices

whatwedo3cStrategic HRM Practices  is about supporting the organization effectively with adapted Human Resources Policies and Practices that facilitate innovation, change and performance.  Traditionally a lot of the HR processes were aiming at controlling and rewarding compliance.  Are people doing what 'I' (the boss, the organization) tell them to do.  But the consequence of that is that people stop thinking for themselves, stop taking risks and avoid mistakes... and that is exactly want an organization today needs if they want to reinvent themselves.  So strategic HR, is HR that looks at the impact of their policies and practices on 'behavior' at an individual, team and organization level.  What does a professional in an organization need to really contribute at innovating the organization and develop the individual and collective expertise ?  That's the key question we try to answer with our customer organizations.

Is our HRM triggering the individual and collective behavior we want to see in a learning organization : autonomy, intra-preneurship, knowledge sharing, contribution, involvement, engagement, ... ?  Is it leading to sustainable performance and sustainable further development of our organization and our business ?

HRMfitIs our Human Resources Management STRATEGIC ? :

  • Fully integrated with business and organizational strategy, focusing on the key strategic priorities
  • Coherent across policy areas and hierarchies
  • Top management responsibility, devolved down the line (not isolated in HR department)
  • Taking an ethical stand towards all stakeholders of the organization


In order for HRM to be a lever for effective behavior we need to create alignment and fit between the different HR practices and policies, as well as with the business strategy and business processes within the organization.


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