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indaverlogo2Ann :Indaver is operating smart waste management systems and complex processing facilities in Belgium, Holland, Ireland, UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal. In view of our further growth and resource management, we were looking at making our Project Approach more transparent and successful. A general Project framework was further elaborated based upon our own experience. Soon we understood that writing a procedure is one thing, getting it to produce real business results is a second. Clement was a key player in making us understand that and helping us develop new attitudes and integrate good practices throughout the organization.

Clement is a great facilitator and coach. He really got under our skin and improved with his down to earth methods our understanding and behavior with respect to hindering and facilitating factors for successful Projects. Project Managers, project teams, stakeholders and general management were gradually involved in a learning path, resulting in a common language, useful tools adapted to our organization and culture and a committed and accountable organization for successful project Development.

The learning path will certainly be continued in the coming years and we count on Clement to help us creating our path.

Luc : When I got Ann's request for project management support for experienced Project Managers, my thoughts immediately went in Clement’s direction. This was not a simple ‘skill training’ and I knew Clement is more thinking along the lines of processes, systems, organizational change and not so much in ‘training’ terms.
From the start we involved our internal customer (CTO) and we designed together a learning track, not only for the project managers, but ultimately for all stakeholders involved in our project management approach. It started as a kind of learning track, but it became soon an organization development process.

What I like about the Move! approach : 

  • It is always about added value to the business. Clement stays focused on the desired outcome and is not ‘selling training solutions’.
  • Clement translates difficult concepts into easy to use methods and practical job-aids that can really help to change the way we do things.
  • Clement combines his Learning & Development expertise with project management knowledge. He has a clear vision on change and learning.
  • Clement pays a lot of attention involving all stakeholders; co-creating the intervention with us and developing ownership and buy-in throughout the process.He really facilitates the process, monitors progress, takes action when necessary and takes a lot of worries out of your hands (as the process is concerned).

CaseStudyQLLogoAnn R., CTO of Indaver, Antwerp

Luc D., Indaver HR business partner, Mechelen


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