Process Consulting in the follow-up of Employee Satisfaction Survey

dhl"I met Clement now more than two years ago in the Flemish Learning & Development Network (VOV). I like the way he approaches organization issues : down-to-earth, focusing on business results and sustainable change through involvement and process support.

In our first project together, he helped us look at how to act upon the yearly Employee Survey. We were used to study the results with the executive team, decide on some actions and have management to implement them. Very little involvement of workers. Clement helped us see that workers actually are very well positioned to understand the issues on the floor and to come up with workable solutions.

Although convinced that that was the way to go, it still was a tremendous challenge, not in the least for our workers. But the fact that Clement came with a scenario that was worked out well and that was discussed at length with us, made me confident that this was actually going to work. And it did, but not without ‘struggle’. We worked with a little group of volunteers, not only to come up with ‘improvement ideas’ but also to involve the whole shop floor and get buy-in for those improvements.


At the start, reactions were not overly positive. People had the feeling that it was ‘vague’, not clear what was going to happen and were asking for ‘concrete actions’. That was not really a surprise since we asked people now to come up with ideas themselves and didn’t give them ‘instructions’ on what to do and how.

But after a while, that group of volunteers got the hang of it and started to work with their colleagues on the floor, to think things through and got some concrete actions started.

That original group volunteers is still active, they took ownership through genuine involvement from day 1."

Annick N., Recruitment, Development & Internal Communication Manager.  DHL, Diegem

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