Workshops & coaching Facilitators Integration Program

lafarge"From my personal experience with them, I can think of three characteristics to describe the way MOVE! works : Business orientation, Thorough preparation and Experiential approach.

Business orientation: As soon as I contact MOVE!, they will try to understand what problem or challenge I am willing to address, who is the owner of the issue or challenge, what we expect as business results from their intervention; and what they will prepare will be based on the collected data. They won't try to sell an existing product or activity, which I see too often elsewhere.


Thorough preparation: Through the contacts in the preparation, but also when you enter the workshop room, you can see it or feel it: The way the room is set up, the handouts that you get, the posters or flipcharts... You know that all this is not just the result of 30 minutes work before you enter that room, but really the outcome of a detailed and well-thought through preparation. A very detailed scenario usually supports their workshops.

Experiential approach: What I like with MOVE! is the way they start from where people stand, from people's work and real life experience. Or, if little common experience exists in the group of participants, they will create it (activity, case-study, role-play, etc.) so that the participants can learn from it. Most of the time, a quite challenging, though enjoyable journey!

Overall the working relationship with Move! is characterized by : active communication, building rapport with people, respect, involvement that inspires the stakeholders, and Move! does not
forget to keep contact and follow up after the initial intervention!"

Paul D. & Liu Y,  Learning & Development Department. Lafarge, Beijing, China

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