Developing a "learning network" of HRD managers as driver for a participative learning culture

lafarge"I had no background in training and everything I know now comes from network meetings, joint projects, information available through the network and discussions with other network colleagues. (...) I still remember a role-play where we took on the role of training manager to work with an internal customer on his 'training demands'.

What a difference with what I used to do. This was actually consulting in stead of 'taking his request down'. (...)

CaseStudyQLLogoReferring to the network and the fact that it was an approach introduced through the network, created for me the possibility to try new things. It gave me the credibility to do it. (...) I was really challenged, but that challenge helped me make progress. The way the network is 'driven' and activities are organized is key, to make it 'network' and not just a chain of meetings."

Alexey E.,  Former L&D Manager.  Lafarge Russia

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