Process Facilitation for a ‘strategy exercise'

KBC"We asked Move! to facilitate our effort to redefine our strategy. We wanted to build a process that would allow us not only to ‘formulate' a strategy but to create also the necessary support for successful implementation. Move!'s role was to ‘guide' us through that process. Move! took the time to understand our context and issues, and then helped us through questioning and reflection with the project team, to become aware of some key issues for success.Through working with Move! our conviction that we had to involve all stakeholders throughout the process grew and Move! helped us to find effective ways to do that.

Move! supported the project team in using involving methodologies and developed their facilitation skills. Part of our successful collaboration was due to the effective communication between us, the constructive feedback and questioning."

Strengths we found in the Move! approach were :

  • Their conceptual framework around change & learning
  • The way they ‘translated' difficult concepts immediately into situations or activities we could relate to
  • Clear arrangements
  • A very diverse ‘toolbox' of methodologies and approaches and the way they help you use them throughout the process.
  • Use of creative activities and games to create awareness in the organization

CaseStudyQLLogoMove! Is there when it's needed and stimulates the client to do as much as possible internally, helping him to develop his own facilitation and change management competencies.

Paul V.Director Life Insurance - Corporate.  KBC- Insurance, Belgium


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