Process Facilitation for a ‘strategy exercise'

KBC"We asked Move! to facilitate our effort to redefine our strategy. We wanted to build a process that would allow us not only to ‘formulate' a strategy but to create also the necessary support for successful implementation. Move!'s role was to ‘guide' us through that process. Move! took the time to understand our context and issues, and then helped us through questioning and reflection with the project team, to become aware of some key issues for success.Through working with Move! our conviction that we had to involve all stakeholders throughout the process grew and Move! helped us to find effective ways to do that.

Move! supported the project team in using involving methodologies and developed their facilitation skills. Part of our successful collaboration was due to the effective communication between us, the constructive feedback and questioning."

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Strategic HRD support

lafarge"Working with the move team has evolved out of a successful relationship with Clement Leemans who has supported me in my own on boarding into - at the time L&D field - in Lafarge and that support has been continued ever since.

He knows our company quite well, of course, but that is not really what makes working with Move! so successful.

Move!, Clement & David display an excellent example of walking the talk when it comes down to moving the L&D field in the corporate world. This can sometimes be challenging as they push you to think out of the box but at the same time support you very professionally with coaching advice, tools and processes so that you can focus on the business results. I still work with them and will continue to do so as I find an excellent sounding board in them and a pragmatic support in implementing our change initiatives. If I had to sum up the value of move to me it would in three words: professional, ethical, enriching!"

Andrea B., Learning & Development Director. Lafarge Corporate University

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Developing a "learning network" of HRD managers as driver for a participative learning culture

lafarge"I had no background in training and everything I know now comes from network meetings, joint projects, information available through the network and discussions with other network colleagues. (...) I still remember a role-play where we took on the role of training manager to work with an internal customer on his 'training demands'.

What a difference with what I used to do. This was actually consulting in stead of 'taking his request down'. (...)

CaseStudyQLLogoReferring to the network and the fact that it was an approach introduced through the network, created for me the possibility to try new things. It gave me the credibility to do it. (...) I was really challenged, but that challenge helped me make progress. The way the network is 'driven' and activities are organized is key, to make it 'network' and not just a chain of meetings."

Alexey E.,  Former L&D Manager.  Lafarge Russia

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Design and Implementation of a mobilizing Performance Improvement Process

carglassvertical"Four years ago, we started working with Move! to design and implement a Performance Improvement Process. In stead of focusing on ‘performance review' we managed to focus on ‘improving performance' through team development and individual coaching. The expertise and approach that Move! introduced enabled us to draw on the energy and buy-in of the internal stakeholders and introduced not only the process, but also very powerful tools, in a very short timeframe.

CaseStudyQLLogoNow, three years past initial launch with all our teams, we see that the performance improvement process is more alive then ever and a powerful lever for our business performance. It was well worth the investment not only for our individual workers and our teams but also for Carglass as a business."

Bart L., HR Director Be-Lux.  Carglass, Hasselt


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Workshops & coaching Facilitators Integration Program

lafarge"From my personal experience with them, I can think of three characteristics to describe the way MOVE! works : Business orientation, Thorough preparation and Experiential approach.

Business orientation: As soon as I contact MOVE!, they will try to understand what problem or challenge I am willing to address, who is the owner of the issue or challenge, what we expect as business results from their intervention; and what they will prepare will be based on the collected data. They won't try to sell an existing product or activity, which I see too often elsewhere.

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