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Lerende Organisatie

Lerende Organisaties om te 'leren leren' in een VUCA wereld...LObuildingblocks

The fast changing, unpredictable, complex and globalized business context most organization operate in create a new challenge.  Where once organizations were successful (in stable markets) copying their success formulas and producing standard products, with high standard quality at the lowest possible price, today the game has totally changed.

Garvin, David A., Amy C. Edmondson, and Francesca Gino. "Is Yours a Learning Organization?" Harvard Business Review 86, no. 3 (March 2008).

Copying the successful recipes of the past is the reason of failure in the future.  An organization needs to be capable of finding totally new answers to the challenges and opportunities that are coming towards them.  And company that can do that, that is good at becoming good rapidly in totally different things, is a learning organization.
It's about creating a workplace that creates learning and innovation, it's about sharing knowledge, it's about allowing challenge, contradiction and mistake, it's about collaboration, shared decision making, maximizing involvement, developing sense of belonging etc...  The concept is now over 30 years old, but still in organizations we struggle to create truly organizational learning, creative energy and deep, cross the board engagement for a shared purpose.
LOdimensionsA few more articles on the concept Learning Organization are listed below :
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